Radio/Phone Interview on 104.1 the Point

I: So you were at Woodstock. First of all, I have to ask you, what did you think of the Red Hot Chili Peppers wardrobe?
J: Oh… You gotta love em. (laughs)
I: Oh man… How was that experience for you?
J: Woodstock was a lot of fun actually. I mean I was pretty surprised they were all really… you know you never know how they are really gonna react until you walk out there. Everyone was really great actually.
I: Right. Let's just say for the record that I was not the guy that knocked that tower down.
J: (laughs)
I: Uh… You're gonna be in Minneapolis tomorrow night…
J: Yes
I: …at the Roy Wilkims Auditorium. How do you like playing in Minneapolis?
J: Oh, I like it a lot, I've had a lot of fun shows there.
I: So after writing the uh… Pieces of You album, since that was a lot of success, was there any pressure at all in writing the follow up, Spirit?
J: Hmm, not really. I just sorta feel like my job is to try and write songs that are honest. Wether… you know… that's sorta of my job, the rest takes care of itself. So, I don't think I'll always be… Cheerleader of the Year every year you know? (laughs)
I: (laughs) Well, you're the cheerleader of the year in my book. You know, I loved you on the Storytellers episode on VH1, how did you like… you looked like you were having fun with the concept of the performance. Taking breaks in-between songs, and telling the stories about the song, is that your general approach when you do put on a show?
J: Yeah, generally. You know like when I'm like doing shows, I'm always telling stories, or uh… I love performing. I love having people in front of me and talking with them. It was nice to be able to… You know it was a great show because it let's you do that kind of format.
I: So you did a film now, about the Civil War, tell me a little bit about that.
J: It's called ride with the devil. It's directed by Ang Lee, who's a brilliant director. He did uh… The Ice Storm, and Sense and Sensibility and… I play uh, a civil war widow.
I: Do you want to do more films?
J: Yeah, I'll definitely do more films. It sure means a lot of fun, just because I get to keep learning. It's a bigger learning career for me because you know (I have) less experience in it. Whereas in singing… I've been doing it my whole life. It gets a little easier that way.
I: What do you think of this Blair Witch Project? Did you see that?
J: I am not a scary movie fan, I get to scared. (laughs)
I: (laughs) Oh man. Do you have a favorite movie of all time?
J: Not paticulary, I don't know if I could really pick one.
I: Your Night Without Armor is absolutely terrific.
J: Thank you.
I: And you are going to be reciting some poetry from Borders books tomorrow?
J: Yup
I: Ok, well we're looking forward to that. Are you going to write more poetry books?
J: I'm writing a book right now, but it's not of poetry, (it's) a bit of short stories and prose.
I: And what is one of your favorite poets?
J: I'd have to say Bukowski and Pablo Nerudo (sp?)
I: Very nice. Can I ask you some really really important questions now?
J: uh-uh
I: What other professions would you like to try other then music or writing?
J: hmmmm….
I: If you had to pick another proffesion.
J: I guess team roping.
I: Wow.
J: That would be a lot of fun.
I: What style of music do you least like to listen to? In your own spare time?
J: I think heavy metal.
I: So you're not a big Kiss or Impaler fan I take it.
J: Well Kiss is kinda different. I like Kiss Alright. (laughs)
I: (laughs) But you're not into Mega-Death and all of that stuff.
J: Yeah, Mega Death isn't quite me.
I: Yeah, that's not a real… I don't think Mega Death will be writing poetry books of there own, do you?
J: I have no idea, probably they will.
I: (laughs) What is your favorite take out food?
J: Take out food? Chicken Wings.
I: Wow, you're not a White Castle fan are you?
J: I love White Castle actually.
I: (laughs) Late night drive-through at White Castle after a concert maybe?
(I can't understand what she said here)
I: Last but not least, this is gonna be a cliché. Are you single?
J: I am not single.
I: You are not single?
J: No.
I: Ohh! No! My feelings and many other male listeners will be very disapointed.
J: Yeah, I'm sure.
I: So what can we expect tomorrow night at the Roy Wilkims Auditorium?
J: Um… just music I guess you know. A show.
I: Well, I can't wait to see it. And, uh, as always, it's a plesure talking to you. Good luck with the poetry, you're an excellent writter, and we look forward to the show tomorrow night.
J: Thank you very much for your time.
I: Alright, thanks a lot Jewel.
J: Alright, talk to you later.
I: Have a good day.
J: Bye.