"In silence you hear who you are becoming. You create yourself."

"In the end only kindness matters."

"The things you fear are undefeatable. Not by their nature but by your approach."

"We are loved beyond our ability to comprehend."

"What we call human nature in actuality is human habit."

"Drive fast and take chances"

"In the end these steel cages will consume us all."

"I'm sorry I didn't have a match big enouge to catch fire to your heart."

"In the bible only angels have wings and the rest must wait to be saved."

"Such injustice, as children we are told that from God we fell. Where are my angels? Where's my golden one? Where's my hope now that my heroes have gone?"

If this is what love is then I guess there's no love song left in me."

"If you were flame I'd allow myself to be consumed completely."

"There are plenty of people who pray for peace, but if praying were enough it would have come to be."

"The red light has been following me, but don't worry mother it's no longer my gravity."

"Hold me, release me, show me the meaning of mercy let me loose, let me fly."

"There is this hunger, this restlessness inside of me, and it knows that you're no stranger you're my gravity."

"I sit on logs like pulpits, listen to the sermon of sparrows, and find God in simplicity, there amongst the dandelion and thorn."