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War Buffs Will Go Along for "Ride"
Notwithstanding, there haven't been as many Civil War movies as one might think - at least in proportion to the lasting historical significance of the tragedy.

Making a Devil of a Wild Ride for Cast and Crew
It's not real until a Missouri tick bites you.At least that was the level of authenticity director Ang Lee achieved while in the Show-Me state filming his Civil War epic "Ride With the Devil," which opens today.

Film Adds New Facet to Jewel
The singer's meteoric rise carries her to a role in a new Civil War story from director Ang Lee.

Rough-cut Jewel
Alaskan Singer Jewel has a nice voice but her lyrics betray a juvenile sensibility.

Pop Stars Cast Net for Poor
Twenty-seven of the world's best music acts will busk for cash today when the United Nations launches Net Aid.

Jewel Sets Pulses Racing
The News conference for Ride With The Devil results in a session of good old-fashioned star gazing.

No Turning Back
Facing her greatest challenge, Jewel refused to play it safe.

Girl On Film
Is Jewel quitting the music grind? Tour burnout drives the multiplatinum songbird to put acting first.

Holiday Movie Preview
What's the big deal? Lee's follow-up to ''The Ice Storm,'' his critically acclaimed... wait! Is Jewel in this?!

Jewel and Tommy Hilfiger Team Up for Tour
Hilfiger sponsors Jewel's "Spirit" tour; more dates announced

Jewel Shines in Her Movie Debut
First-time actress Jewel was at a bit of a disadvantage while filming this month's Civil War drama "Ride With the Devil," in which she plays a Southern widow who finds love again.

Jewel Sinks her Teeth into New Role
Pop singer Jewel says she's learned how to get through life with less-than-perfect teeth. In fact, she's learning how to use her famously crooked smile to her advantage.

Jewel's New Day Job's
Here's an idea of Jewel's to-do list: Check early sales figures on my new Christmas CD; Finish writing my second book; Rope and ride with my new "cowbeau," Ty Murray; Check on charity fund-raising; and buy dress to wear to my first movie's premiere. Get the picture? Jewel's so busy these days, she barely had time to accept our Woman of the Year award!

Jewel's Got Reason to Smile
Unlike Gwen Stefani, who's currently sporting braces to correct an overbite, some stars have accepted those minor imperfections that distinguish them fromthe pack.

Music Missionary
"She's funneling 40 percent of her total income to help the needy."