As A Child I Walked
As a child I walked
with noisy fingers
along the hemline
of so many meadows
back home

Green fabric
streched out
shy earth
shock of sky

I'd sit on logs like pulpits
listen to the sermon
of sparrows
and find god in Simplicity
there amongst the dandelion
an thorn

To Many Nights
It's been
too many nights
of being with

to now be suddenly

There is a pretty girl
on the
of the magazine
all I can see
are my dirty
turning the page

A gayman
is sitting in
a hotel lobby
a cigarette.
He stomachs my
breasts dutifully
like spinach of lima beans
or other things that
make one sick
because he fears the red-necks
at the bar
are on to him.

is a puzzle
of stars
that breathes
like water
and chews
like stone

is a reminder
of how far
is from

is a bird
that believes itself
into extinction

the honest recognition
of a false truth

seeing who you really are
at your highest
is you you will become

the refinement of a
Soul through time

I Guess What I Wanted Was
I guess what I
wanted was
to hear

you'd stay iwth me always

I guess what I
wanted was
to see

those hands vowing
never to leave my own

I guess what I
wanted was
to know

I am not loving in vain.

The Things You Fear
The things you fear
are undefeatable
not by their nature
but by your approach

I'm Writting to Tell You
I'm writting
this letter to tell you

I don't love you anymore

I don't miss you

I never have.

The truth is, I
tried, but never found
you adoration
anything other than arduous.

your nicities cliched.

your praise thoughtless,

and it has become
unbearable obvious
that you love me with
all of the originality
of romance novels;

the manly man weakening
the luscious flower.

But do not be sad,
nothing is lost.
neither of us even loved
the other truly-
you only thought you did,
and I only wanted to.

mamma says she knows what
i'm gonna grow up to be

I wrote you those nice
poems only because
the honest ones
would frighten you


Do you hear it?
I do.
I can feel it.
I expect a miracle is coming.
It has set loose this restlessness
inside of me.

Expect it.
Dream about it.
Give birth to it in your being
Know! Something good
is coming down the line.
Finding it's way to you
like all things find their way
to god's children.