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EAMusic1: JEWEL is Backstage in Bakersfield CA
EAMusic1: opening the first night of her North American Tour
OnlineHost: JEWEL is kicking off her
: North American Tour!!!
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EAMusic1: Jewel will be right with us
Jewel atEA: Hey everybody!
EAMusic1: The fans are excited to talk to you!!
Jewel atEA: I'm so glad to be here.
EAMusic1: We have been getting tons of questions!!
Jewel atEA: Well, I hope to get to a lot of them. I know I won't be able to answer them all. and I'm sorry about that in advance
EAMusic1: JEWEL is backstage in Bakersfield, CA
EAMusic1: We are having a few difficulties
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Question: *GapGrl9054: Hi Jewel,I love your Music!I have Both of your CD's.I was wondering when you will be coming out with yournext single?Thanx!-GapGrl9054
Jewel atEA: My next single is coming out very soon.
Jewel atEA: I'm not sure of the exact date...oh, Monday
Jewel atEA: It's Jupiter.

Question: ACsmurf16:How did you get started in your career?
Jewel atEA: My parents were singers and songwriters. So I was born into it. And I got discovered when I was 18 by a record label accidentally.

Question: DWK4112: Hi Jewel! This is Derrick. What are you looking forward to most about your upcoming North American tour? Thanks. :-)
Jewel atEA: Being in the United States.

Question: ShyKitty83:How long did it take you to get your book, "A Night Without Armor," published?
Jewel atEA: Not too long. I'm not sure what that question means really.
Jewel atEA: I started writing poetry when I was quite young and the book is a compilation of stuf over the years.

Question: Itera666I: Jewel, great new album! Love it!!! I know people who have seen you live in clubs and whatnots, where you would just pop in... Do you still do this now?
Jewel atEA: Yeah, I still do it whenever I can.

Question: Ainjel22: i play the guitar and you are a huge inspiration to me. what kind of guitars do you use?
Jewel atEA: I use Taylors acoustic and Dickson Howard Roberts electric

Question: Devjul: jewel i love you so much you are so amazing and beautiful. how does stardom change the way you look at life?
Jewel atEA: It's a big question and hard to do in a short answer.
Jewel atEA: Fame does change the way you experience and perceive life.
Jewel atEA: though really I think the fundamentals stay the same.
Jewel atEA: On the darker side, it took 3million
Jewel atEA: records being sold for stewardesses
Jewel atEA: to stop treating me like an animal.
Jewel atEA: but they didn't treat me any nicer.
Jewel atEA: I didn't get upgraded. They just
Jewel atEA: stopped being really rude.
Jewel atEA: And on the upside, there's a lot of
Jewel atEA: influence that's possible in exchange
Jewel atEA: for losing your anonymity.
Jewel atEA: Like what I can do with my charity organization, Higher Ground for Humanity

Question: Savagberry: Are the rumours of a Christmas or Country album true?
Jewel atEA: A Christmas record is happening.
Jewel atEA: And I do hope to come out with a country album at some point, though it won't be for a while.

Question: Laura97011: hi jewel!my name is melissa and i will be at your july 3rd concert at the gorge at george wa.you are my absolute favorite artist.i would like to know if you plan to sing "Adrian"at the show?
Jewel atEA: I haven't been doing it, but maybe I will.

Question: Nbass87: How did you get the name Jewel?
Jewel atEA: It's my mom's middle name. And my grandfather's middle name.

Question: Kittie4444:What made you have to live in a van?
Jewel atEA: I got fired from a job the day my rent was due and they wouldn't give me my paycheck that day, so that was it.

Question: SpiceFox1: Jewel- do you have any pets? Jewel atEA: I have a horse named Chance

Question: Anika28021: I read that you lived on a 800 acre farm, I want to know have you walked or even seen all those acres?
Jewel atEA: Yes. they weren't mine, they were my grandfather's
Jewel atEA: I don't warm up my voice. I just walk on stage and sing.
Jewel atEA: Life Uncommon

Question: MystaBudz: Jewel have you given any consideration to doing tracks with hiphop artists like most other female singers are doing these days?
Jewel atEA: Yeah, I like hip-hop a lot. I think it's a very innovative genre in music right now

Question: RdOgG833: waht is your inspiration
Jewel atEA: Just living. I find life to be a very romancing endeavor.
Jewel atEA: And sometimes it breaks your heart, but it's also very beautiful.

Question: Rose8631: What made you want to try acting?
Jewel atEA: I've always been interested in it.
Jewel atEA: And I finally had the opportunity at the end of Pieces of You to take time off and do it.

EAMusic1: do you have more movie pprojects in the works?
Jewel atEA: No, I'm just concentrating on music right now.
Jewel atEA: I'm writing a book right now and I figured all three at once would be impossible. It's a book of short stories.

Question: Sjh215: do u use the internet on your personal time to chat?
Jewel atEA: No.
Jewel atEA: Only to my father.
Jewel atEA: :)

Question: Davistruk: hey jewel i'm a big fan and i was wondering who taught you how to play guitar
Jewel atEA: I taught myself, traveling around I'd pick up chords from people and I'd start inventing tunings

Question: Krizsa: Jewel Are you going to perform tonight right after this AOL event?
Jewel atEA: Yes. In Bakersfield, California

Question: BRITCH1307:in Okinawa, Japan. I'll be back in the US in Sept. and i've missed so many concerts.. but to see you again would be great.. so could you tell me when your last tour date is?
Jewel atEA: I'm going to look, hold on........It's August 28th

Question: TAT2UPOOH: were foolish games and morning song based on true events in your life?
Jewel atEA: Morning Song was for a specific person
Jewel atEA: Foolish Games, not really, I based that on a favorite song of mine by Leonard Cohen called the Famous Blue Raincoat

Question: RedSand83:Hello, Jewel. My name is Melanie. I recently saw your "Jupitar" performance on Letterman & it seemed like the new version had more passion in it, I truly enjoyed it. Why did you decide to do a new version of Jupitar?
Jewel atEA: Songs constantly evolve and I always try and do justice to the song and
Jewel atEA: sometimes with time, you learn more about what the song needs
Jewel atEA: to really convey the passion of it.
Jewel atEA: And so I'll change them over time
Jewel atEA: which I enjoy doing a lot

Question: TSoupLuvr: who would you most like to do a duet with?
Jewel atEA: Hmmmm.
Jewel atEA: I'm still thinking about that one.
Jewel atEA: I'll have to get back to you.

Question: RAZER321: what do you think first inspired you to do poetry?
Jewel atEA: An overactive mind, I guess. And an oversensitivity to environment and a need to try
Jewel atEA: and make sense of those two things.

Question: Missy45322:Jewel, How old were you when you started singing?
Jewel atEA: On stage, about age 6.

Question: MUAHOAI: Will you ever make a album, mix with the stlye your singing and folk music together?
Jewel atEA: I thought that's what I do.
Jewel atEA: LOL

Question: JSwett23: jEWEL DO U HAVE A BOYFRIEND?
Jewel atEA: I don't have a boyfriend.

Question: Dana3284: i was wondering if you have any mp3's of your songs?
Jewel atEA: No, I don't yet.

Question: SCCottiiee How long was your current cd in the makeing
Jewel atEA: About five or six weeks.
Jewel atEA: I've always written songs over the years, so I only wrote 2 songs for that record.

Question: Triansride: Jewel, how does it feel to be an idol to american youth, and do you want to send them a message.
Jewel atEA: I guess, in a way, we all inspire or
Jewel atEA: dishearten those around us.
Jewel atEA: ...with our actions. I'ts no different
Jewel atEA: for me now that I'm famous, except
Jewel atEA: that there isaa greater number of people
Jewel atEA: who are inspired or disappointed

Question: TM9667: Are you excited about playing the Woodstock concert in Rome NY?
Jewel atEA: Yeah.

Question: *Sicadeek: whats your favorite ice cream flavor?
Jewel atEA: Now that's a hard one!
Jewel atEA: I'd say chocolate chip cookie dough
Jewel atEA: and butter pecan

Question: Sos219: do you have any advice for hopeful musican?
Jewel atEA: Do music because you love it and not because you hope to be famous. And if you love music and need music,
Jewel atEA: then you'll always have it.

Question: Bottoms187: Do u have a personal saying or quote u always go by?
Jewel atEA: I have several for different moods. LOL
Jewel atEA: I put one in the song "Hands"...In the end only kindness matters. Another is drive fast and take chances

Question: *Btwnus2: I was told you were raised in Alaska. I'm assuming you no longer live there. Do you miss it?
Jewel atEA: I do miss it tremendously

Question: DawsonGal4: Jewel, what inspired you to write "Hands"?
Jewel atEA: I believe it takes a lot of courage
Jewel atEA: to be in the world, to see the pain
Jewel atEA: and poverty, but yet not to become
Jewel atEA: disillusioned and instead focus yourself
Jewel atEA: all the more on where change is
Jewel atEA: possible. Which is something I think
Jewel atEA: Dr. Martin Luther King did very well.
Jewel atEA: And the more I travel around the world,
Jewel atEA: the more I see young kids and young
Jewel atEA: adults who at such tender ages have
Jewel atEA: already lost their belief in their dream,
Jewel atEA: that something better is possible, that
Jewel atEA: it immobilizes an entire generation.
Jewel atEA: And there is not a need for it.
Jewel atEA: And I wanted to tell people that.
Question: BandPages: What is in your CD player these days?
Jewel atEA: Jimi Hendrix
Jewel atEA: JayZ
Jewel atEA: Method Man
Jewel atEA: Maria Callas

Question: AmandaS25: what do you do when you get really really mad? like wearing a bad mood t-shirt, or sitting around all day watching movies, etcc..?
Jewel atEA: I don't have the luxury of being private when I'm in a bad mood. I generally have to deal with public, even though I'd like to just be in my room
Jewel atEA: So when I'm in a bad mood, people around me generally know it.
Jewel atEA: I'm very quiet, but pretty unapproachable.

Question: Deanfactor: Whats your favorite place in the world?
Jewel atEA: Alaska

Question: Jourdan51: Hi!, how did you come to include Jude Cole on the CD? It was a stroke of Genius!
Jewel atEA: My producer knew him very well.

Jewel atEA: Yes, I'm recording it the 7th & 8th

Question: SteppyMom: Jewel , what organizations are you currently involved in ?
Jewel atEA: My mother and I started a charity organization called Higher Ground for Humanity.
Jewel atEA: It's also known as HGH
Jewel atEA: that instead of being one charity, it is an umbrella for many other charities.
Jewel atEA: We have about 9 different projects currently. One of which is cleaning up water
Jewel atEA: in third world countries
Jewel atEA: Another of which is health clinic in New Dehli, India
Jewel atEA: As well as local projects, one of which being a counseling group that helps families deal with the loss of children and loved ones

EAMusic1: what's an angel?
Jewel atEA: I do believe in angels. I do believe that there is a presence around us each.....that loves us and protects us
Jewel atEA: Beyond that, I can't say I've seen one ever.
Jewel atEA: LOL

Question: Rckrchris: Jewel whats next in the projects?
Jewel atEA: My book will be coming out after Christmas
Jewel atEA: and my movie will be coming out in September

EAMusic1: Thank you Jewel, is there anything you'd like to say to all of your fans?
Jewel atEA: Hi everybody! And I'msorry I couldn't get to everyone's questions.
Jewel atEA: The more interaction I have with my fans, the more I'm impressed with their intelligence and thoughtfulness
Jewel atEA: And I look forward to seeing everybody here at the shows

EAMusic1: Thank you JEWEL!!! Have a great show!!
Jewel atEA: Thanks!
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EAMusic1: Thanks for all of the GREAT questions everyone!!
EAMusic1: We are sorry we could not get to all of them!!
EAMusic1: Thank you all for chatting with JEwel
EAMusic1: and have a great night!!!